real-time 3d configuration puts the customer in the driver's seat 

Our research is packed with insights and industry learnings to supercharge any automaker's e-commerce and digital engagement strategy, putting the brakes on outdated web experiences. We've assembled lots of research on the benefits of streaming interactive 3D experiences for car buyers built with today's leading game engines.

This white paper is ideal for
  • Those leading marketing, digital and e-commerce in automotive
  • Studios and agencies creating game-changing 3D content for automotive using Unreal or Unity engines


Accelerating Car Brands' E-Commerce Strategy with 3D Configurators
The Cost-Cutting Benefits of 3D Configurators


Building 3D Car Configurators with Powerful Game Engines like Unity 3D
Streaming Your 3D Technology Towards Revenue-Generating Conversions and how PureWeb Reality Works

what's being said


Ed Martin   Unity Technologies - Senior Technical Product Manager

“In partnership with PiXYZ, we’ve built a robust data pipeline to help our customers. We have solutions to implement incremental updates, So if someone’s released something and a company wants to update their configurator and their marketing content, we have a pipeline that allows them to reconfigure. They don’t have to re-do the entire project. They can keep their marketing product in sync with their tech”


"We saved time and therefore money."   Audi - Chief Technology Officer

"We at Audi Business Innovation developed a pipeline that is going to be used within multiple marketing and sales departments that are dealing with product visualization. Using Blueprint [Unreal’s visual scripting system], we were able to connect our automated importer right into the heart of Unreal Engine. ”