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virtual events: anytime, anywhere interactive 3d

Marketing professionals in every industry are in a time of adaptation and evolution. We have been tasked with taking a good hard look at our omni-channel marketing strategies to figure out what to keep, what to drop, and what to transform. 

Most traditional marketing methods have changed drastically over the last 50 years since we've entered the digital age. However, one significant practice has remained largely untouched by technology until today. 

In this white paper we examine the possibilities of virtual event marketing and how one of the world's leading automakers turned a cancelled car show into a landmark digital marketing feat.

This white paper is ideal for
  • Marketing professionals interested in expanding their digital and event marketing approach.
  • Companies looking for business continuity in response to cancelled events and in-person sales opportunities.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the new generation of digital events made possible with game engines and how they can benefit your business.


The shift from push to pull
Omnichannel, alwways-on digital marketing has taken over,  except in the case of one marketing classic - events. 
Marketing channel, interrupted: The trade marketing questions raised by COVID-19
  • How can we convert massive, multi-day events into permanent digital experiences?
  • How can we take the best parts of event marketing and use them for other channels?
  • How can we use the data we gather for future marketing and product development?
The show must go on: How Volkswagen made a ready-to-share interactive 3D trade show in 9 days
Overcoming challenges such as creating photorealism online, displaying sub-surface features, and streaming high-fidelity images without compromising on stability.

An overview of each stage from designing Volkswagen's virtual trade show to mass global distribution and delivering an interactive cosumer experience.

How interactive 3D streaming empowers brands to elevate trade marketing

Why Virtual Reality falls short and the problem with your media library.

Cloud streaming to get your event everywhere
If you can't bring people to your event, take your event digital and put it into the hands of your clients, members, and fans no matter where they are.

Key trends and stats

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The value of events  

"Marketers allocate an average of 32% of their annual budget to trade shows."

"82% of trade show visitors are directly involved in making purchase decisions at their companies."

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Going digital  

"11% is the overall penetration of VR headsets among consumers."
"44.9% is the global smartphone penetration rate."