The role of digital twins in the utilities industry

Digital twins offer countless opportunities for revenue generation and process optimization within companies.

A digital twin makes it possible to do more than operate a physical asset. It allows users to understand the real-time conditions of a physical asset as well. They empower companies to obtain visibility over complex assets like a power plant or introduce efficiency to production lines through data integration and unification.

An efficient, cloud-based interactive 3D streaming solution is necessary to preserve the integrity of a digital twin and keep it “alive” and up to date. PureWeb solves one of the most pressing issues: transforming real-time, real-world data into meaningful visual models.

This white paper is ideal for
  • Innovators looking to create high-fidelity, virtual models that mirror a physical asset’s geometry and physical properties. 
  • Those who want to gain a better understanding of data silos in the utilities industry and how this relates to building digital twin technology.
  • Companies looking to optimize processes and reduce both planned and unplanned downtime.


The utility industry’s billion-dollar problem
  • Managing the sprawling empire of asset-rich companies.
  • Addressing ageing infrastructure through digitalization and integrated utilities data.
Why utility technologies refuse to speak to each other
  • What stands in the way of interoperability?
  • How operational applications like CAD models, GIS data, IoT data, and more, could work together automatically.


Laying the foundation for a digital twin
  • The interoperability of different technologies is an important ingredient in digital twin creation.
  • Integrating real-time data between the physical asset and the digital asset.
  • Creating a user-friendly interface for web app users to access to view the digital twin.
Interoperability & interactive 3D visualizations with PureWeb
  • The 4 Vs of successful data science are volume, variety, velocity, and veracity.
  • PureWeb delivers these capabilities to customers through a rigorously tried and tested interactive 3D distribution platform.

Key trends and stats


The value of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  

"By 2024, analysts predict the GIS market will exceed $9 billion in value."

"GIS is so important to utilities, energy, and transportation companies that they've been deemed a major growth enabler for GIS."



"The status quo of infrastructure management today is that users must access data from multiple, disconnected applications, such as GIS, IoT, and CAD applications."

"A 3D visualization would serve as a “mediator” of these different data sources. A digital twin should be accessible on-demand, through the cloud, and on any device."