How virtual show homes help buyers play house

The pre-sale stage for home builders is critical. Sales representatives are tasked with convincing prospective home buyers to part with thousands of dollars based solely on a vision. 

The best way to sell that vision is through photorealistic 3D renderings created with the most advanced real-time 3D technology available - game engines.  And then ensuring the scalable, reliable distribution of these interactive 3D show homes to buyers anywhere, anytime - on any device

This white paper is ideal for
  • Property developers and builders interested in transitioning from the burden of expensive show suites limited by the options they can display, to 3D renderings which cost less overall, can show endless configurable options, and have limitless reach. 
  • Architecture visualization firms and creative agencies, developing real-time 3D assets using game engines like Unreal and Unity, and looking to expand the reach and scalability of interactive 3D show homes. 


The future of property marketing
A look at the shift from physical show homes to virtual 3D homes.
The use of game engines for creating pre-built homes and condos

For the gaming industry, realism and interactivity are not marketing luxuries - they’re business imperatives.

Unreal Engine and Unity are the leading game engines for enterprise use cases
•  Unreal's Datasmith
•  Unity and PiXYZ
•  Substance from Allegorithmic
How virtual property tours add value during the pre-sale and construction stages

An analysis of the value added at the marketing, sales, and pre-construction stages. 

Distributing 3D interactive AEC projects reliably through the cloud

Understanding the limitations of WebGL and Amazon AppStream for publishing and sharing 3D experiences at scale.

How PureWeb offers AEC content creators and property developers a reliable interactive 3D cloud streaming solution

Delivering an interactive 3D experience to prospective buyers anywhere isn't as simple as firing up a few servers. We walk you through the process involved.

Assessing the ROI of interactive 3D streaming

Speeding up the timeline while maintaining the integrity of the work is a game changer. Interactive 3D streaming allows property developers to accelerate key phases of property development.

Interactive 3D tours eliminate the need for show homes

A virtual 3D show home can save builders hundreds of thousands of dollers. They cost less initially, don’t require the presence of physical staff, and can be powered down  when pre-sales hit 100%.

Interactive 3D homes speed up the design process and upsell upgrades

Overall, interactive 3D rendering leads
to a 60% increase in visualization
time for designers and a 20% increase in home product placements.

Interactive 3D homes generate more qualified leads and increase conversions

Interactive 3D streaming increases the number of visitors who become qualified leads by 38%. 

Meaningful overall impact on the bottom line

Photorealistic visualizations lead to reduced timelines, faster access to capital, and bolstered reputation for future development projects.

Building and streaming virtual show homes - How today's leadong developers market pre-construction projects
Builders and property developers are in a race against the market. The goal is getting people to invest in potential, turning that potential into reality before interest works turn against them, and hopefully repeating the entire process again.

Key trends and stats

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Home buying transitions online  

"Almost half of all prospective home buyers start their research online."

"Only 1-3% of online visitors become leads pointing to underwhelming onine experiences that fail to lure prospects further down the funnel."

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Do the numbers stand up?  

"Industry experts recommend spending 1% of gross revenue on marketing each year. If your gross revenue is $10 million, this comes to $100,000 for marketing. Based on the success experienced by the automotive industry and the luxury goods industry, home buyers can potentially increase conversions by up to 40%."