burning man

Burning man changed virtual events forever

In a post-COVID world, events will become physical-virtual hybrids, and the way brands engage with large audiences will change. The companies that create authentic, social, and accessible virtual experiences will succeed in the race for engagement. 

The future is here, and our definition of “connecting” has evolved. It’s time for event organizers and events to evolve, too.

Spontaneity, exploration, and curiosity were not “nice-to-haves” in the Burning Man experience. They were the backbone of the entire event. Explore how The Infinite Playa was able to bring a truly interactive experience to Burners all around the world.

This white paper is ideal for
  • Event organizers looking to make the shift from physical events to digital
  • Those looking to understand the technological specs of bringing a large-scale virtual events to a global audience
  • Content creators who are pushing the boundaries on creating photorealistic and bi-directional 3D experiences


The problem
  • How can you replicate the mystique and spontaneity of Burning Man virtually?
  • The need for real-time interactions, exploration, and a sense of community 

The creation

  • What are the specs for a technology that supports real connection?

  • Goal of creating an accessible and inclusive homecoming experience for Burners
  • Focus on photorealism
The solution 
  • Distributing real interactivity on a global scale

  • Challenging the assumption that virtual events have unavoidable limitations
  • This interactive experience marked the first time Burning Man could fully realize its principle of inclusion

Interoperability & interactive 3D visualizations with PureWeb
  • Managing several bi-directional streams between the interactive 3D experience and multiple users

  • PureWeb’s powerful distribution capacity allowed The Infinite Playa the ability to convert the intangible into 0s and 1s and share that experience with people around the world.

Key trends and stats


The need for functional online experiences  

"COVID-19 disrupted the over $73 billion-dollar professional sports industry and the $2.1 trillion entertainment industry, with the latter contracting by 5.6% in 2020."


Bi-directional information  

"Unlike a live stream where the performer shares most of the content and the interactivity is asymmetric (audiences can only respond via comments or chat), The Infinite Playa’s participants would need to both provide experiences and enjoy experiences."

"PureWeb managed several bi-directional streams between the interactive 3D experience and multiple users, so everyone creates their own unique experience that ties into the larger virtual world"