2020 state of 
interactive & immersive 3D trends report

Learn about the innovations that have brought us to this point of immersive 3D experiences for customers and employees, what's possible and relevant today, and where we predict the future will take us.

Dive into the environment of the latest extended reality advancements in VR/AR, mixed reality, gaming tech, as well as the benefits and challenges the new wave of 5G mobile networks are sure to bring. 

This trends report is ideal for
  • 3D designers, creators, game engine developers and anyone curious about the transition of web-based media from passive content (photos and video) to immersive and interactive 3D experiences for consumers or employees across various industries.
  • Digital leaders, innovators and those who wish to explore the potential that this immersive shift in business can add to the customer or employee experience, marketing/sales or training strategy. This includes professionals working in digital and e-commerce, employee training and safety, automotive, manufacturing, AEC, retail and more.
  • 3D visualization studios and creative agencies who create interactive 3D content and applications using game engines and looking for ways to publish at scale.


Realities collide
An at-a-glance look at the trends that play a key role in shaping the evolution of interactive, immersive 3D digital experiences.
Extended reality

Discover new applications for VR/AR across a myriad of industries, the move from downloadable apps to instant-access in web browsers, as well as the limitations and future opportunities for VR/AR.

Mixed reality

Explore the many uses of hands-free applications and collaborative computing with Microsoft HoloLens as well as other mixed reality technologies used by innovative organizations across industries. 

Gaming technology

Understand how rasterization differs from real-time ray tracing for 3D renderings, as well as cloud gaming and how these technologies go far beyond video games. 

5G mobile networks

Learn the benefits and challenges with the soon-to-be fastest mobile connections we've ever known, its applications for different use cases such as autonomous vehicles, as well as the role of edge computing in delivering interactive 3D quicker to the masses.  

Best ways to implement interactive & immersive technology

A quick look at real-time 3D cloud rendering and streaming

What's coming next?

The best cloud solution for access and scale

Global trends and stats


Augmented and Virtual Reality  

"dozens of companies are testing or deploying AR/VR solutions, including about 10% of Fortune 500 companies."

"48% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that offers AR experiences."


The fifth generation of wireless  

"More than 1.4 billion devices are expected to be running on 5G by 2025."

"Manufacturing, entertainment, automotive, and retail will drive demand for 5G and wireless tech as the digital, cloud, and security requirements increase for those industries."