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Pureguide to interactive 3d streaming 

Learn how to deploy and deliver interactive 3D web experiences at scale to any connected device or web browser.

Whether you're creating a immersive 3D configurator for a luxury item like a car, a photo-realistic virtual walk-through for a new home or building, or a real-time 3D training simulation for your mobile workforce - you need to publish your interactive and immersive 3D content to end users on any device.

This eBook is ideal for
  • Those leading initiatives using real-time 3D created with leading game engines, extended reality (VR/AR), digital and e-commerce, employee engagement and training in industries including automotive, architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and more.  
  • Creative studios and agencies developing 3D visualization content for business applications using Unreal or Unity engines


A streaming story in three acts
History and evolution of streaming from entertainment to interactive enterprise applications.
Can your value chain withstand the future?

Future proofing your value chain, accelerating R&D and production, and realizing 10x impact on marketing campaigns and sales operations.

How does interactive 3D streaming work and what should I be looking for in a fully managed solution?

Taking your CAD models from A to Z, building infrastructure for data intense models, and how PureWeb delivers a fully-managed cloud streaming platform.

How do I wrap my head around cloud consumption and billing?

What determines your bill and how to measure ROI of cloud-based streaming projects.

What lessons can new adopters learn from early enterprise users?

Setting expectations and committing to a scalable and consistent user experience.

Meet PureWeb

Smart streaming technology enables anyone to publish, collaborate and engage with massive data and graphic-intensive applications, including 3D applications developed in Unreal or Unity game engines.

what's being said


10x Marketing Impact  

"Consumers are quite frankly, overloaded. To compensate, brands are embracing what Deloitte calls, personalized, contextualized, and dynamic marketing strategies."

"Marketers must now foster one-to-one relationships and a sense of intimacy at scale."


Employee Reach and Engagement  

"If your company requires intensive training and frequently flies out new employees to dedicated training sites, identifying the return on investment of streamed 3D training simulations is simple."